The American Dream is broken

The American Dream is broken, yet still alive. We make America sound better than it actually is. We say that men and women are equal and there is no racial discrimination. However, women are still paid less than men, and Missouri and Mississippi still face racial discrimination with police officers. Many people come to the United States to live the so called, ‘American Dream.’ Overall, I’m am pessimistic about the current American Dream, but I am optimistic that my generation can fix it.

One thought on “The American Dream is broken

  1. Brenden Burnhm on

    I have have read two comments from you and they were both very negative. You say women are paid less than men, is this based on payment for performing the same job? When we compare income based on gender and equal job title, the wage gap disappears. It’s only when we compile data indifferent to the position do we get rhetoric like what you’ve been talking about.

    Sorry for singling you out but I think you suffer from a psychological disorder known as liberalism. If I was a doctor I would prescribe you a book called “Liberty and tyranny”

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